Top 5 Exercises for Back Pain Caused by Golf

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A powerful, no-holds-barred golf swing may earn praise on the green. However, this type of swing can also break your career! This is because these types of movements can lead to debilitating back problems [...]

Home Exercises for Scoliosis Relief

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In the United States, approximately 2 – 3% of the population is affected by scoliosis. This means that roughly about 7 million Americans suffer from this oftentimes painful and debilitating condition, in which the spine [...]

Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Are you or someone you know experiencing lower back pain that is unaccompanied by what is referred to as “radicular” features, otherwise known as referred pain in the legs? Recently, the American College of [...]

Dr. Douglas Won – Breakfast With the Stars Keynote Speaker

By | April 26th, 2017|Categories: Miscellaneous, Press Releases|

Dr. Douglas Won, minimally invasive spine surgeon with Lumin Health, was named the keynote speaker for the 30th Annual Breakfast With the Stars scholarship event, hosted by the Irving Schools Foundation. This event, designed [...]

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